Beer (by Pint)

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  • Paulaner 350

  • Corona 300

  • Estrella 275

  • Heineken 150

  • Kings Black Label 120

  • Kingfisher Pint 100


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  • Chivas Regal 12YO 320

  • Johnie Walker Black 320

  • Teacher’s 12YO 180

  • 100 Pipers 12YO 200

  • Jameson 220

Single Malt

  • Glenmorangie 10YO 450

  • The Glenlivet 12YO 480

  • Belvenie 12YO or Talisker 480

  • Amrut Fusion 250

  • Paul John 250


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  • Tanqueray 300

  • Beefeater 250

  • Bombay Sapphire 250

  • Gilbey 100


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  • Grey Goose 350

  • Ciroc 300

  • Kettle One 250

  • Absolut 200

  • Smirnoff 100


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  • El Camino Real 200

  • Desmondji Agave 100


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  • Martell VS 300

  • Honeybee 100

  • Janus 120


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  • Bacardi White 150

  • Bacardi Black 120

  • Captain Morgan Spice 125

  • Old Monk 100


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  • Cointreau 300

  • Kahlua 250

  • Baileys 220


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  • Cazulo Cashew 100

  • Cazulo Coconut 100

  • Urak 100

White Wine (Per Bottle)

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  • Mannara Grillo Pinot Grigio (Italy) 1800

  • Selbach Reisling (Germany) 2200

  • Senorita Chardonnay (Chilian) 1800

  • Camas Chardonnay (French) 1800

  • Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay (Australian) 1800

  • Crucillon (Spain) 1000

  • Sula Reisling (India) 1600

  • Charosa Souvignon Blanc (India) 1200

  • Myra Souvignon Blanc (India) 1100

White Wine (Per Glass)

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  • Charosa Saurignon Blanc (India) 300

  • Mannara Grillo Pinol Grigio (Italy) 400

Red Wines (Per Bottle)

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  • 120 Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon (Chilian) 1800

  • Neil Joubert Pinotage (South African) 1800

  • Paula Malbec Reserve (Argentina) 2200

  • Senorita Merlot (Chilian) 1800

  • Camas Merlot (French) 1800

  • Camas Syrah Rose (French) 1800

  • Jacobs Creek Shiraz (Australian) 1800

  • Charosa Shiraz (India) 1200

  • Big Banyan Shiraz (India) 1200

  • Myra Reserve Shiraz 1500

Red Wines (Per Glass)

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  • Charosa Shiraz 300

  • 120 Santa Rita Cabernet Sauvignon 400

  • Prosecco Brut 1800


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  • Mojito 250

  • Long Island Iced Tea 250

  • Pina Colada 250

  • Martini 250

  • Gimlet 250

  • Sangria (glass) 250

  • Margarita 250

  • Tequila Sunrise 250

  • Whisky Sour 250

  • Bloody Mary 350

  • Caipiroshka 350

  • Irish Coffee 350

  • Sangria (Pitcher) 1200

  • Sangria (Glass) 400


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  • Fruit Punch 200

  • Virgin Colada 200

  • Virgin Mary 200

  • Ginger Twist 200


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  • Bottled Water Mulshi 75

  • Soda 330ml 40

  • Fresh Lime Soda/Water 80

  • Fruit Juices Apple/Cranberry/Orange/Pineapple 80

  • Soft Drinks Coke/Sprite/Fanta 80

  • Diet Coke 330ml 100

  • Tonic Water 330ml 100

Mustard Specials

  • Tentul Joler Sherbet 120

    Tentul or tamarind is a highly prized fruit in hot and humid climates. It helps to beat the heat and aids digestion. Savour this tongue-tickling drink flavoured with honey and mint.

  • Gholer Sherbet 120

    The uninitiated might be tempted to think this is Bengali lassi, but one sip of this refreshingly light yoghurt drink flavoured with fresh lime and you will know it’s a unique flavour to savour.

  • Lebur Sherbet 120

    A Bengali take on nimbu paani, this quintessential summer cooler will invigorate you with its combination of lemon and rock salt.

  • Aam Porar Sherbet (Seasonal) 120

    A refreshing and cooling drink made with slow roasted green mangoes in their skins, and gently spiced with roasted cumin and black salt.


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  • Espresso 100

  • Americano 100

  • Café Latte 120

  • Cappuccino 120


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  • Assam Black Tea 150

  • Darjeeling Green Tea 150

  • Camomile Tea 150

  • Marigold Lemongrass Tea 150

  • Saffron Kahwa Green Tea 150

  • Lavender White Tea 175

Bengali Menu

  • Jalkhabhar (All Day Treats)

    Available through the day, these have been specially crafted to be light and
    to delight. Order one with a coffee or Caipiroska or even by itself and we guarantee you new flavours to savour. These are also the perfect way to discover kasundi, the mustard sauce unique to Bengal.

  • Cocktail Luchi with Alu-Dum 260

    Puffed fried bread made flour, the luchirules supreme in Bengal as an all-day snack… We’ve continued that tradition but given it the Mustard touch, presenting them as bite-sized snacks with spiced potatoes.

  • Dal-Puri and Kumror-Chhokka 260

    When thinly rolled bread stuffed with a tasty lentil paste comes out to bat with a sweet and sour gravy made from pumpkin, potatoes, and black gram, you have a team that would make Eden Gardens erupt in joy. No wonder Bengal lovingly calls this the Pumpkin Sixer.

  • Kaanch Kolar Kebab 260

    Styled on the classic shammi kebab, this vegetarian version is made with green bananas, a much favoured vegetable in Bengal, and makes avowed carnivores turn green with envy.

  • Smoked Chhanna 260

    An effervescent hint of mustard powder in the marinade imparts our trademark touch once the cottage cheese quarters are smoked in the traditional way with puffed rice, jaggery, and husk. The reassured artistry of our Smoked Paneer will leave you asking for more.

  • Begun Bhaja 260

    While “begun’ might mean “without talent”, it takes talent to get this seemingly simple starter right. Thin slices of brinjal are dipped in a batter made from rice flour and Bengal gram flour and deep fried until they reach the level of crispness that has made this Bengal’s favourite appetiser.

  • Kashundi Chicken 300

    Soft boneless pieces of marinated chicken are sizzled in Kasundi, the tangy signature mustard sauce that is as unique to Bengali cuisine as as Recheado is to Goan.

  • Til-Tel Kathi 400

    Bengal cuisine is more than fish. For starters, this lyrical-sounding, unusual delicacy made from marbled chunks of pork marinated in black sesame seed paste and then charcoal-grilled in chilli oil. Trust us, it’s hard not to make a pig of yourself while devouring this.

  • Fish Fry 360

    Another classic from the Bengal Raj table, sea bhetki marinated in lime juice and fresh parsley and crumb-fried to a crunchy deliciousness. Served with the quintessential kasundi.

  • Smoked Fish 360

    This dish is replete with history. Born aboard a historic steamer that used to ply on the Padma river in Undivided Bengal, it is marinated in mild flavours with just a hint of mustard powder and mustard oil and smoked in the traditional way with puffed rice, jaggery & husk.

  • Tentul Chingri 360

    Succulent prawns are grilled in a sweet tamarind reduction to serve deletable homesickness on a plate. Even if you aren’t from Bengal.

  • Prawn Cutlet 300

    Whole prawn marinated in a light dressing and crumb fried. Born in the Raj kitchens, this cutlet when served in the Bengali household, substituted the British tartare sauce with the famed Kashundi or fermented mustard sauce as an accompaniment.

  • Shammi Kebab 300

    An intrinsic part of Bengali cuisine today thanks to deeply entrenched Muslim influences on its food, this kebab is made from finely minced mutton ground to a paste with fragrant spices and a filling that surprises with a sudden sharp taste. Served with a tangy yogurt or mint dip.

  • Jholshano Mangsho 360

    You wouldn’t immediately associate mutton ribs with Bengal, but then if wouldn’t be us if we didn’t surprise you. Juicy mutton rib chops are marinated
    in a nigella seed paste and charcoal-grilled before being served to set your taste buds aflame.

  • Main Course

    From 12.30 – 4.00 pm and 7.30 – 11.00 pm

    (All our mains serve one and will be served with either Rice or Luchi/Paratha and a Dal, a Green and a Chutney)

    There’s more to Bengali cuisine than just fish or the pungency of mustard. Join us on this journey of discovery through the wide selection of main courses we have put together for you. Our repertoire, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, will keep bringing you back for more.

  • Mochar Ghonto 400

    What’s surprising is that the banana plant is considered at par with fish as a symbol of plenty in Bengal and is also worshipped as Lord Ganesha’s wife. What’s not surprising is that this dish, crafted from steamed banana blossoms tossed in a medley of spices, whole Bengal gram and crumbled lentil cakes, is worshiped by all who savour it.

  • Bandhakopir Patri Dalna 400

    If you liked cabbage while you were growing up, you were mostly in a minority. But these delicately spiced cabbage crouquets in a ginger and cumin flavoured sauce are savoured by the majority of our diners.

  • Matarshutir Kochuri & Alu Dum 400

    Puffed fried bread is made with a green pea stuffing and served along with baby potatoes cooked in one of the several vegetarian styles that Bengali cuisine has crafted for its favourite tuber. This one, sans onion and garlic, is one of the more popular ones. Savour and you shall see why.

  • Kaanchkolar Kopta 400

    The Bengali interpretation of the kofta, these spiced croquettes are made from green bananas and then slow-cooked in a rich sauce.

  • Shorshe Bata-r Jhol 400

    Cauliflower, brinjal and beans cooked in a thin, light mustard gravy with a hint of green chillies and fresh coriander is a great way to discover Bengali cuisine’s intimate relationship with mustard, both condiment and restaurant.

  • Chhanar Malai Posto 460

    Soft cubes of cottage cooked in a golden yellow gravy flavoured with yoghurt, poppy-seed paste, a hint of mustard, and coconut milk. Simple, yet scrumptious,
    both to read and to taste.

  • Doi Begun 400

    Slow cooked brinjal in a delicate, yoghurt sauce. It’s meant to be savoured both slowly and delicately.

  • Chingri Maachher Malaikari 580

    This King prawn curry reigns supreme among all fish preparations in Bengal. Folklore has it that it travelled from Malaysia into the Bengal kitchen via the ancient coastal maritime trade route and derives its name from the Malay Curry. Simmered gently in coconut milk with fragrant spices, this golden yellow curry is as sensuous as it is addictive.

  • Rui Maacher Shorshe Jhaal 580

    Watered by some of India’s most hallowed rivers like the Ganga and the Brahmaputra, Bengal is blessed with a bounty of freshwater fish of which the Rohu is among the more coveted. Found widely in rivers and pukurs (small ponds that dot the countryside) alike, we bring it to Goa and cook it in a thin gravy with nigella seeds, a hint of turmeric, chilli powder and mustard oil.

  • Doi Maachh 580

    Doi (curd or yoghurt) is considered in Bengal and when combined with Maachh (fish), a symbol of plenty, it creates a dish that serves unique flavours aplenty. For our version, cooked along with fragrant spices, you can choose from rohu or surmai (kingfish) or chonak.

  • Maachher Paturi 580

    Banana leaves are used extensively for steaming or roasting food in Bengal since the leaves release flavours that makes each dish unique. We make our version unique by using the Sea Bhetki, a fish not associated with Bengali cooking, and marinating it in mustard paste before slow-roasting it a banana leaf.

  • Kankrar Jhol 580

    If you should need another toothsome reminder of how we blend the flavours of east and east (coasts of India, in this case) we suggest you awaken your memory
    with this delightfully light yet spicy Bengali curry made with Goa’s freshest crabs.

  • Bikrampuri Morich Murgi 500

    Bikrampur in the Dhaka district of East Bengal, now Bangladesh, was at one time known for its refined cuisine. Our curator Pritha Sen traces her roots to Bikrampur and from her family archive comes this chicken curry,slow cooked with pepper and green chillies.

  • Murgir Chaamp 500

    From the kitchens of Bengal’s Muslim heritage, we present this slow cooked whole leg and thigh of chicken in a gravy that is redolent of its gourmet origins.

  • Kosha Mangsho 540

    A rich mutton curry with a thick gravy redolent of mustard oil, onions, cardamom, clove and cinnamon, this is perhaps Bengal’s best known meat curry and the star of any festive spread. Its name means “slow cooked in its own juices” and a taste is enough to get your juices flowing.

  • Mezbani Mangsho 540

    A prized dish from the Bengali Muslim repertoire of Undivided Bengal, mezban is the ultimate feast. An unusual spice mix of fenugreek, fennel, poppy seeds and pepper, a fifth spice randhuni, known as wild celery seeds and only used in Bengal, is what makes this curry live up to its reputation.

  • Shorsher Ullash 540

    Succulent cubes of pork are boiled in light spices and tossed in a zingy mustard paste before being served up as Mustard’s homage to the land it proudly calls home.


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  • Kheer Komola (with seasonal fruit) 200

    Made at times with oranges, at times with mangoes and any time with whatever fruit is seasonal, this is a sinful delight made with fruits in slow cooked thickened milk.

  • Bhapa Doi 200

    Sandesh meaning news derives its name from it being sent as a gift along with the messenger carrying important news from one household to another in ancient times. Made with well kneaded cottage cheese and sugar, its mild flavour and lightness of being is the perfect complement to a satisfying meal.

  • Pantua 200

    Bengal’s version of the gulab jamun, except that it is made with cottage cheese and steeped in syrup. And no, this isn’t a “brown rasgulla”. But don’t just take our word for it. Try one, instead.

  • Malpua 200

    To call it Bengali pancake in syrup would be doing gross injustice to this most beloved of desserts.Made with thickened milk, a touch of semolina and flour and the suprise of fennel, we’re sure you will call this irresistible.

French Menu


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  • Chilled Cucumber Latte 200

    Goan cucumbers are blended with one spoon of Bengali kasundi and another of fresh cream, before being garnished with crispy black bread, mint and mustard sprouts and served a la Mustard.

  • Potato Soup avec Quenelle 200

    A clear potato soup with stir fried spring onions, it combines perfectly with the creamy turmeric potato quenelle to make you go “oh”, followed by “my god” with every spoonful.

  • Cauliflower & Mushroom Cream Soup 200

    Made with creamy veloute, a sauce thickened with stock instead of milk, and enlivened with the umami-laden aroma of shitake mushroom and the silky texture of a cauliflower cream, this soup is something you can eat but never beat.

  • Fish Soup 275

    Rich fish soup with rock fish, crabs and prawns, served with mini rouille and cheddar burger


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  • Grilled Vegetables 300

    Yes, vegetable sandwiches can be a tad boring by themselves. That’s why our version has Robiola cream, made from an Italian cheese that embodies sinful creaminess and garlic chips. Not so boring, is it?

  • Pesto Chicken 320

    Strips of tender chicken, marinated in garden-fresh pesto, layered lovingly with mustard leaves and iceberg lettuce and dressed in sundried tomato mayonnaise.

  • Roast Beef Sandwich 320

    Delectably thin slices of tenderloin, done medium rare, with a zing of mustard mayo and crunchy salads. Savouring it puts you in such a delirious state that it would be banned in most other states.


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  • Beetroot Salad 300

    Roasted beetroot, spiced aubergines, and grilled baby corn get dressed for a tango with your tastebuds with black peppered pecorino shaving, balsamique emulsion.

  • Chicken Liver Salad 350

    Take perfectly marinated chicken liver, sauté and deglaze it with red wine vinegar, dust it with mustard crumble before laying it on a bed of iceberg and
    red salad, pickled onions, and potato chips and you have a salad that is as easy to savour as it is to flavour.

  • Nicoise Salad 300

    The traditional French fresh salad from the Mediterranean coast, its subtle flavours are created by tossing together sundried tomato, French beans, iceberg lettuce, capers, basil, and cherry tomatoes and enhanced by extra virgin olive oil. For the non-vegetarians, we add anchovies and tuna flakes – Rs. 350.

  • Red Pepper Marinated Salad 300

    Roasted red bell peppers, marinated in olive oil and blanched garlic and made slightly spicy, are served with fresh mozzarella and ciabatta. Non vegetarians, don’t despair. You can add anise marinated prawns.


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  • Cheese Platter 550

    A carefully selected platter of local and imported cheeses served with bread and butter, green leaves, and grape chutney. So stop saying “Cheese” and say “Yes, please!”

  • House Style Tabouleh 350

    Organic Foxtail Millet befriends local flavours like kokum, pomergranate, dry
    coconut, white radish, lime, grilled cashews, and green pepper powder. The non vegetarian version is made friendlier by the addition of Goan sausage bread crumb.

  • Mezze Platter 350

    A scrumptious selection of dips spanning from sweet to spicy flavours that spread perfectly on our homemade bread.

  • Poached Mustard Eggs on Toast 300

    Poached Eggs on toast are a breakfast staple and if served with our very own earthy multi grain bread, tomato concasse and a dash of pesto and kashundi mustard then it most certainly is a winning combination.

  • BBQ on Fritters 500

    Perfect prawns are marinated in thyme and rosemary before being lightly grilled and served on a sweet corn pancake along with a lip-smacking hot, sweet, and sour pineapple sauce. Who says tasty can’t be healthy?

  • Bell pepper with poached Prawns 400

    Roasted red bell peppers, marinated in olive oil and blanched garlic and made
    slightly spicy, are served with fresh mozzarella and ciabatta. 300

    Non vegetarians, don’t despair. You can add anise marinated prawns- 400

  • Chicken Scaloppini 380

    Slices of chicken, thin and tender, are marinated in Dijon mustard, lightly pan fried plated with long strips of zucchini before being sprinkled with a pesto Mustard dressing and brought out for you to savour.

  • Stir-fried Calamari with Kasundi 380

    Perfectly cooked juicy calamari, the uplifting zing of ginger, and the calming sweetness of pumpkins. How could you make this better? For starters, with the oomph of our kasundi mustard.

  • Main Course

    From 12.30 – 4.00 pm and 7.30 – 11.00 pm

  • Baked Aubergines 400

    Local aubergines are baked to perfection with a basil mustard dressing, topped with a feta crumble and a chunky concasse? made from the ripest tomatoes. Yumm? Oui!

  • Potato Cannelloni 400

    We take olive oil mashed potatoes, mix in condiments, roll them into zucchini strips, top them with a light béchamel sauce, before cushioning them on a bed of stir-fried of celery and spring onions and serving them along with a tangy tomato coulis. And yes, it tastes as good as it reads.

  • Penne and Vegetable Ragu 420

    Made with aubergine, slow cooked tomato sauce, and hints of cinnamon, this is like a Bolognese but with served with Penne.

  • Crunchy Vegetable Millefeuille 400

    You could call this is a garden vegetable fricassee tossed with parsley and a
    spoon of cheesy béchamel before being layered lovingly between light and crunchy filo pastry sheets. You could also call it a classic French dessert, reimagined as only we could.

  • Mustard’s Risotto 500

    Before being made with button mushrooms and aromatics herbs and being topped with crispy chicken strips, our risotto is enriched with a luscious chicken broth base to ensure it is as wholesome as it is toothsome.

  • Chicken Blanquette a la Moutarde 500

    A favourite in French homes, this stew-like dish is made from chicken cooked in a white stock and finished with béchamel and grain mustard before being served with rice and is as easy to polish off as it is difficult to pronounce.

  • Dijon Stuffed Chicken Breast 500

    A chicken breast stuffed with liver and dijon mustard, glazed with rosemary
    butter and served with vegetables (French for cooking them in their own juices) and grilled garlic jus. Enough to get the juices flowing, oui?

  • Pork Medallions 540

    If we served this with the usual mashed potatoes and grilled vegetables, it would disappoint both us and you. That’s why our succulent medallions come with a sweet potato mash and runner bean fricassee along with a green pepper and mustard sauce.

  • Filet de Boeuf 500

    Tender and chunky piece of filet de boeuf cooked a la casserole served with a smooth potatoe gratin with mustard hints and a onion red wine sauce.

  • Roasted Kingfish 580

    What do you get when you take one of India’ most popular fish, cook with in a delectable mustard and nuts crust and serve it with vegetables julienne? A dish that will make kingfish even more popular.

  • Crispy Fish with Ratatouille 580

    Boneless and deep fried rohu (freshwater carp) cooked with lime juice and aromatic herbs and garnished with a French ratatouille – this is the Mustard philosophy on a plate.


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  • Creme Brûlée 200

    We could give you a needless explanation on how we make classic with caramelised vanilla cream, but that will just keep you from enjoying it sooner.

  • Brownie a la Mustard 200

    The classic gooey chocolate treat gets enlivened with our secret twist to the cream. Yes, secret. So dig into one now and thank us later.

  • Guava baked cheesecake (Seasonal) 260

    A hung curd, baked cheesecake crowned with a Guava layer and slices of lively guava, the subtle nutmeg notes in this treat are sure to make you sing in joy.

  • Musk Melon & Feni Chilled Soup 260

    Our refreshing dessert soup is crafted using only freshly cut fruits and grilled almond and enlivened with of hints of coco and feni to create a dish that deserves “Bon Appetit” and “Cheers” in equal measure.